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Reclaim your body. Take back your life.

Have you lost all hope? Tried every plan? Taken every pill? Relinquished all control of the body you once loved? It's time to step up. It's time for you to stop making excuses and achieve the fulfillment that a healthy body delivers.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

Pillar Coaching Services is the solution to your fitness problems. My name is Mike and I’ve spent my entire professional life working in the fitness industry helping people achieve the body they desire.

I, like many of those whom I’ve worked with, was frustrated with my body and wanted desperately to change it. I was underweight, weak, and battled severe bouts of depression that kept me asleep for 18 hours a day. When I was awake, I experienced no joy and spent hours glued to a screen in an attempt to escape my misery. Medicated, manic, and eerily close to giving up, I turned to fitness. What followed saved my life.

I started reading, and much to my dismay, everything I found was contradictory. Eat this, not that. Train insane for maximal gains! Cardio will kill you. Carbs give you cancer. After some time I thought I had it figured out, only to wake up the next day and read another bit directly discrediting what I found the day before. It hit me that if I, the “fitness professional” couldn’t figure this stuff out, then anyone who wasn’t dedicating their life to the craft was doomed. Thus, Pillar Coaching Services was born. A service that teaches YOU, the frustrated dieter, the system I’ve created and used on myself and hundreds of clients to burn fat, build muscle, and feel good about life.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

--Jim Rohn


Guidance from Pillar Coaching Services is now available in an online format.

But what is it? Online coaching is a service that delivers and improves upon the benefits of having a trainer guiding you to your fitness goals.

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Reason Why?


Pillars of Nutrition


Pillars of Movement


Transformed Body

Building a Foundation

A Pillar is a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something (that’s taken right out of Mr. Webster’s Dictionary by the way). Pillars have a history of being strong, immortal, timeless, and everlasting. Suffice to say they stick around. Over many years there have been innumerable fads that captivated fitness enthusiasts with false promises of amazing results. Sadly, these fads came and went like the summer sun and left their participants frustrated and pissed off. Worse yet, many of them caused a whole lot of damage their dedicated followers didn’t know about.

Enter the Pillars of Fitness and Nutrition - evidenced based principles that when applied properly have delivered consistent results since...well, since weights were lifted and we started caring about how we look and feel. The Pillars are time tested, battle-worn, and continue to stand year after year, decade after decade. While you may have jumped on the newest infomercial DVD workout or even splurged on an expensive supplement protocol to deliver those elusive abs you’ve always dreamed of there’s been a subsect of the fitness industry dedicated to stopping the trend of B.S. and communicating real, reliable info that delivers results. Pillar Coaching Services leads that class by providing plans that serve as the foundation you can build your life around.

The Pillars were designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver sustainable results while offering clarity in an ever changing world of information.

What You Get:

Customized Workouts

We use the 7 Pillars of Movement to create a plan of attack that fits your schedule, fitness level, and accessibility.

Private Community

The desire to be apart of something bigger than ourselves is human nature. Gain access to a private online community that includes individuals on the same journey as you.

Customized Nutrition Guidance

We use the 5 Pillars of Nutrition to develop a system that fits your life and preferences with a focus on sustainability.

Progress Tracking

We can only manage what we measure. Constant progress tracking will ensure no time is wasted in getting you to your desired body.


Making positive changes is hard. You can feel confident with a coach at your side walking you through every step of the process.